New Domain, New Focus, & Goals

For many years I had a blog that I posted to whenever I had a technical or job related itch to dump some of my thoughts. While that was a fun past-time and mildly entertaining I never got what I wanted out of it. So, more than a year ago I decided to work on a new blog. This new blog is going to be a home for my thoughts (mostly technical), my recipes (some keto), and any other tidbits I may want to stash here.

Existing content

Looking through past content that I’ve written and considering the value (arbitrarily & subjectively speaking) I have imported some of my past content that I wanted to keep for historical purposes.

It is definitely funny to consider how much I have changed. Looking at one of my past posts titled, “Why I chose Pebble in the sea of Apple Watches“, its funny to me how since I wrote that post a number of things happened.

  1. I backed the Time 2 Kickstarter.
  2. Pebble was bought by Fitbit and discontinued.
  3. I returned my Time 2 for the backer refund.
  4. I bought my first Apple Watch.
  5. I have now owned 3 Apple Watches.

While I still have a nostalgic love for Pebble and wished that they never had got discontinued I’ve never been as happy as I am with my Apple Watch.


Welcome to the new blog. I hope to be better about writing.

Until next time, see ya!